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 朱小贞并不那么在意这份仪式感,她是个文艺的女人,平时在家自己捣鼓古筝,还练毛笔字 。就在出事前,朱小贞还跟哥哥商量,孩子渐渐长大了,她想重拾服装业,“做做华服什么的 。”

 I believe that President Xi possesses the essential qualities of true leadership that every nation, not only China, needs. I think his greatest asset is his character and his wisdom. He is a global leader, not by any kind of propaganda or promotion. He doesn't need that. But, by simply being the strong, wise, thoughtful, reflective leader that he is. I could only pray that America would have a leader that was half as good.

 虽然布什主政的八年有些乱,民主党即便推出一个阿猫阿狗都有可能坐上总统宝座,但当时大多认为希拉里如果成为民主党总统候选人,胜算的希望会更大一些 。希拉里也是志在必得,可她哪里想到,半路杀出一个程咬金,一匹真正的“黑”马,抢去了她八年的光阴――女人的八年光阴啊 。

 Central Edinburgh-based CODE Pod Hostel has become the affordable accommodation of choice for design-conscious travelers from the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and South Korea, who are drawn to Scotland's capital city in increasing numbers.

 I could begin by talking about the advancements right here in my city of Zhengzhou. I've watched roads built, the environment remarkably cleaner than 2011 when I arrived here. I've been amazed at the experience of watching education rise to a higher standard than 5 years ago. I'm truly amazed at the astounding progress that's been made.

 The revision is of historic significance for ensuring the prosperity and lasting security of both the Party and the country, according to the lawmakers.





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